Flurine® C Series Fluoroelastomer
Flurine® C Series Fluoroelastomer
Flurine® C Series Fluoroelastomer

Item specifics

Medium molecular weight distribution
Shaft seals, gaskets,O ring, extruded shapes, mold
White or light-yellow flake



Flurine® C series are medium molecular weight distribution Fluoroelastomer, which is comprised of vinylidene fluoride (VF2) and hexafluoropropylene (HFP).

Frequently used in many industries including automotive, fluid power, appliance and chemical industries. C series Fluoroelastomer ensuring mobility while improving the workability. 

It is resistant to oils, fuels, aliphatic series, aromatic hydrocarbons, lubricants, and most mineral acids.
Technical Specifications
FeaturesMedium molecular weight distribution
UsesShaft seals, gaskets,O ring, extruded shapes, molded tubing
FormsWhite or light-yellow flake
ItemsTypical ValueTest Method
Physical Properties
Fluorine Content(mass%)666666
Density(g/cc)1.78~1.841.78~1.841.78~1.84ASTM D297
Mooney Viscosity20~4560~80≥100ASTM D1646 ML 1+10 at 121°C
Water content0.150.150.15ASTM D 5668
SolubilitySoluble in lower ketones and esters
Vulcanization Properties
T10(s)<70<70<70ASTM D5289
T90(s)<140<140<140ASTM D5289
Mechanical Properties
Tensile strength(MPa)141414.5ASTM D412 Method A
100% Modulus55.25.4ASTM D412 Method A
Elongation at Break(%)190180170ASTM D412 Method A
Tearing Strength(KN/m)202020ASTM D624
Hardness, Shore A767676ASTM D2240, Type A
Compression Set171717ASTM D395, Test B 70 hours at 200℃
Air-oven agingISO 188 After Dry Heat Aging;70 hours at 230℃
Tensile strength change rate(%)-12-10-8ASTM D412 Method A
Elongation at Break change rate(%)-8-6-5ASTM D412 Method A
Hardness change, Shore A-2-2-1ASTM D2240, Type A 
Thermal Properties
Glass Transition Temp, Tg(℃)-20-20-20ASTM D1329
Brittleness Temperature(℃)-30-30-30ASTM D2137
Chemical resistance Properties
Resistance to liquids3 # standard oil
Volume change rate(%)221ASTM D471 72 hours at 150℃
Mass change rate(%)111ASTM D471 72 hours at 150℃
FormulationCuring condition
Polymer            100      MT carbon black,N990   30PressOven
Calcium hydroxide    6        Magnesium oxide         3
Fluorocure-5#        2.56min at 177°C24h at 230°C
Process Safety Instructions
1)Store and use all fluoroelastomers only in a well-ventilated area.
2)Do not smoke in areas contaminated with dust from fluoroelastomers.
3)Avoid eye contact. After handling fluoroelastomers wash any skin that came in contact with the product with soap and water.
4)Potential hazards, including evolution of toxic vapors, exist during compounding or processing under high temperatures. 
5)Before processing the fluoroelastomers, read and consult the MSDS, and follow all label directions and operation cautions..
Packaging And Storage
1)Fluoroelastomers be packed in PVC bags in the shape of rubber film, each bag weight 5KGS, and finally be put into a carton. Each carton contains 5 bags with net weight 25KGS.
2)It must be stored in a clean, cool, and dry place. The storage life is one year from the date of production. It must be re-inspected if over one year and only can use if qualified.
3)It is transported as non-dangerous chemicals. Avoid excessive vibration and far away from pollution, sunshine and water during the transport.