Zheflon® PVDF 2013- Molding Grade
Zheflon® PVDF 2013- Molding Grade
Zheflon® PVDF 2013- Molding Grade

Item specifics

Water Absorption(%)
Melt Flow Rate(g/10min)
Secondary Melting Point(℃)
Break Strength/mPa



Zheflon® FL2013 is a medium and high viscosity grade polyvinylidene fluoride homopolymer with high purity. 

Important properties include excellent chemical resistance to most aggressive substances and solvents, excellent mechanical strength and toughness, high abrasion resistance, high temperature capabilities, excellent aging resistance, low permeability to most gases and liquids and easily melt-processed by standard methods of squeeze and molding.This product is suitable for making OK lines.

Homopolymer, white granular resin, has high melt viscosity and low melting index. It is suitable for extrusion molding and other processes, and is applied to the preparation of products such as sheet and coiled insulated wire.
Technical Specifications
FL2013 SpecificationsRangeReference Standard
Water Absorption(%)≤0.15GB/T 6284
Melt Flow Rate(g/10min)1.0-10.0Load 12.5kg,230℃,GB/T 3682
Secondary Melting Point(℃)163-173GB/T 19466
Break Strength/mPa≥25GB/T 1040
Elongation at Break/%≥5GB/T 1040
Yield Strength/mPa≥40GB/T 1040
Elongation at Yield/%≥5GB/T 1040
Whiteness≥35GB/T 2913
Yellowness≤15HG/T 3862