FKM and PVDF Industry
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FKM and PVDF Industry

FKM and PVDF Industry

What's the application of FKM?

What's the application of FKM? FKM provides premium, long-term reliability even in harsh environments. A list of its applications is given below:· Aerospace: O-ring seals in fuels, lubricants, Valve stem seals, Fuel hoses, Fuel Injector O-rings, In tank and quick connect, Flue duct exp. Joints, Valve liners, Roll covers, Sheet stock/cut gaskets etc.· Automotive: Shaft seals, Check valve balls, Diaphragms, Military flare binders, Electrical connectors, Tire valve stem seals, Clips for jet engines, Lathe cut gaskets etc.· Industrial: Hydraulic o-ring seals and hydraulic systems, Manifold gaskets, Fuel tank bladders, Firewall seals, Engine lube siphon hose fuel system seals, Gaskets (valve & manifold) etc.FKM is of high value in use as a class of synthetic rubber which provides extraordinary levels of resistance to chemicals, oil and heat. This type of rubber can be fabricated into seals, o-rings, and hoses for a variety of high performance applications in the automotive, aerospace, and petrochemical industries.

What are the properties of Fluoroelastomers (FKM)

What are the Properties of Fluoroelastomer (FKM)? · Fluoroelastomers have excellent resistance to chemical attack by oxidation, by acids and by fuels.· They also have good oil resistance.· They have limited resistance to steam, methanol, hot water, and other highly polar fluids.· The outstanding heat stability and excellent oil resistance are due to the high ratio of fluorine to hydrogen,     the strength of the carbon-fluorine bond, and the absence of unsaturation.· The latest FKM polymers have a much broader fluids resistance profile than standard fluoroelastomers.· They are able to withstand strong bases and ketones as well as aromatic hydrocarbons, oils, acids, and steam.· Peroxide cured fluoroelastomers have inherently better water, steam, and acid resistance.

What is FKM?

What is FKM? Fluroelastomer or FKM is a class of synthetic rubber designed for very high temperature operation. FKM provides extraordinary levels of resistance to chemicals, heat and oil, while providing useful service life above 200°C. FKM are not a single entity but a family of fluoropolymer rubbers. Fluoroelastomers or FKM (sometimes also referred to as FKM Viton) can be classified by their fluorine content, 66%, 68%, 70% respectively. It means that FKM rubber having higher fluorine content, have increasing fluids resistance derived from increasing fluorine levels.

What's the advantage of PVDF

What's the advantage of PVDF 1. PVDF has excellent chemical resistance, excellent high temperature resistant color change and oxidation resistance.2. PVDF has excellent wear resistance, flexibility, high tensile strength and impact strength.3. PVDF has excellent UV resistance and high energy radiation.4. PVDF is less hydrophilic.5, can be injected and extruded fluorinated resin (commonly known as thermoplastic Teflon).6, good heat resistance and high dielectric strength

What's the advantage of FKM

How to store PVDF safely. PVDF has Good stability, high temperature resistance, anti-aging, good vacuum and mechanical properties

How to store PVDF safely.

How to store PVDF safely. 1.PVDF should be processed under 260℃,to avoid producing toxic gases;2.PVDF has good fire resistance and smoke inhibition property, however, when meets with fire, it will release toxic hydrogen fluoride gas and fluorocarbon compounds;3.While using PVDF Operators should take good care of personal protection during the use procedure and processing.

How to store FKM safely

How to store FKM safely 1)Store and use all fluoroelastomers only in a well-ventilated area.2)Do not smoke in areas contaminated with dust from fluoroelastomers.3)Avoid eye contact. After handling fluoroelastomers wash any skin that came in contact with the product with soap and water.4)Potential hazards, including evolution of toxic vapors, exist during compounding or processing under high temperatures. 5)Before processing the fluoroelastomers, read and consult the MSDS, and follow all label directions and operation cautions.